Our Mission - What We Do

Avari Reef Labs LLC is a biotech venture hybridizing phytoplankton and other micro organisms for numerous industries. With over 30 years experience in the industry and patented filtration designs, our path of discovery has just started. If you have a need for a biologic solution, there is probably a Micro Algae for that - and if not, we can engineer one for you!

Our Ultimate Vision, out LEAP is hybrid biologics for environment formation on other celestial bodies. Just as Micro Algae is constantly terraforming Earth and maintaining our environment, these organisms are the logical mode of creating useable extraterrestrial environments.

Think primordial soup for the future.

Just as the space race created incredible advances in technology, our race to space will bring our biological expressions up to speed with and advance current technology. Imagine every body of water being turned from a dumping ground for chemicals, trash and waste (unused energy) into a farm that can feed livestock, fertilize fields and providing pristine drinking water.

Did scientists predict microwaves, cell phones or any of the technology from the space race? As I tell my team; discoveries cannot be planned, you just have to be ready to recognize them.

Can you imagine the advances from this race?

Investors and general supporters welcomed. See our support page for ways you can be a part of our journey.