Nannochloris micro algae paste 30mL (1oz)

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1 oz (30mL)

Concentrated Nannochloris micro algae paste equivalent to 384 ounces of living green water, that is to say, equivalent to 24 individual 16 ounce bottles of live micro algae at f/2 concentration. This concentrated paste is suitable for commercial or private, freshwater or saltwater aquarium exhibits. Used to establish zooplankton in fresh and salt water exhibits that are commonly overgrazed or non-existent. Also used to rear larva, artemia, rotifers daphnia etc. Feed your aquarium from the bottom up with living food. Processed foods are devoid of vitamins. This living food is packed with vitamins B and C, proteins, carotenoids and other good stuff!

Nannochloris is non-motile, spherical and very small, 1.5-2.5 microns. The chloroplast is usually U-shaped in mature cells and the cells tend to float and stay in the water column. Popular food source for rotifers, oysters and clams, and larval shrimp.