Jen Dillon, Partner/Lab Director - Freshwater Opertations



Jen's Story

Despite being born deep in Cornhusker territory, I have always had a love of the ocean. I would check out every library book on whales and I wanted to be a ceitologist when I grew up. I would cut apart whale calendars and hang them in my room - I even painted my walls like ocean waves! My first job was at PetsMart, then Speck's Pet Supply, then I worked at Inland Aquatics for the four years while I was in college.

Instead of a ceitologist, I ended up being a Software Engineer. I graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics (and a Spanish minor). Over the past 12 years in software I've had the opportunity to work on a pretty wide variety of things - airplane engine controllers, tractor cab displays, blood glucose monitoring and infusion pumps, programming police radios, cost modelling and analysis for consumer goods, and most recently work with a scanning electron microscope analyzing oil debris, but I never escaped my love of the ocean or of the aquarium hobby.

I'm now President of the Circle City Aquarium Club and I'm an active member and volunteer with the Aquatic Gardener's Association. I've dabbled in many things within the hobby, but PLANTS have always been my main focus. In February of 2017 I gave a talk to the Circle City Aquarium Club about planted aquariums, and realized that nothing makes me happier. I had heard about Avari Reef Labs, and I couldn't get the idea out of my head. Plants + ocean, like a dream come true! I am now managing freshwater applications for the Avari products and I'm so excited about the work we are doing! There has never been anything else like this in the hobby, and I love what I do!