Greg Schlensker, Owner & President


Greg's story:

Growing up in Indiana, surrounded by farms with no Mountain Majesty, I was always intrigued by the ocean and its inhabitants. Jacques-Yves Cousteau AC was my childhood hero. I naturally read everything I could get my hands on about keeping a small part of the ocean in an aquarium. With my first earned dollars, I set up a saltwater aquarium. After a year I watched all my study and hard work crash and die. I threw away all the books, grabbed samples of everything and went to Purdue University and utilized their technical assistance program. There, I identified all the problems and went to work designing my own filter.  I applied for a patent for this filter when I was 17 and several years later my patent was approved - #4,851,112. Perhaps you have heard of it - it’s called the Wet/Dry filter.

While I never made any money from the patent (no one takes a teenager seriously), it has opened a lot of doors. After serving as a medic the US Army, I used my GI Bill to work my way through school and achieved an EET degree from Purdue University. I've worked in the automotive industry as a production support engineer to lead electrical engineer and even worked as a maintenance supervisor. The pharmaceutical industry was next, where I worked as a Validation Engineer. There, I became very intimate with Lypholyzers (Freeze Dryers), Clean Water Systems, Autoclaves, Lab and Clinical Trial operations, which have all helped with the creation and operation of Avari Reef Labs.

I've been feeding live food to my own aquarium exhibits for years. In my effort to simplify the feeding process, I discovered our method for creating paste with micro algae.

Avari Reef Labs was born in March 2016. It has taken a year to develop our facility and processes, find partners and perfect our methods.

Practice, Perfect, Perform. Step, Stretch, Leap. I can't wait for the leap! We're Performing! (Always with room for Perfecting.)