Dunaliella micro algae paste 30mL (1 oz)

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1 oz (30mL)
Concentrated Dunaliella micro algae paste equivalent to 192 ounces of living green water, that is to say, equivalent to 12 individual 16 ounce bottles of natural, live micro algae at f/2 concentration which are typically priced at $20-30 each.
  • Grown in saltwater, concentrated with an Industry unique process then RODI washed. This living concentrated paste is safe and suitable for freshwater or saltwater aquarium exhibits.
  • Phyto mixes are designed to feed a specific aquarium exhibit. Was it yours? No, but they want you to think so. Mix your own Phytoplankton, one species at a time! Don't want diatoms? Don't add them! Don't want to add fertilizer? Then don't add green water! Don't want to add preservatives? Don't!
  • Smell the phytoplankton you are feeding. If your stomach turns why would you use it? Our product smells good, like a pond...a healthy one!.
  • Used to establish zooplankton in fresh and salt water exhibits that are commonly overgrazed or non-existent. Also used to rear larva, artemia, rotifers daphnia etc. Use for all filter feeders.
  • Feed your aquarium from the bottom up with living food. Processed foods are devoid of vitamins. This living food is packed with vitamins B and C, proteins, carotenoids and other good stuff!
  • Dunaliella is motile, oblong 5-8 microns wide by 7-12 micron long. The chloroplast takes up about two-thirds of the cell. Under certain environmental conditions the cell may exhibit a red-eye spot. Does not have cellulose in the cell wall. Stores food reserves as lipids. Popular food source for rotifers, oysters and clams, and larval shrimp.
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