Angie Crane, Partner/Business & Process Development Manager

As the first partner to join Avari Reef Labs, I bring with me more than 25 years of diverse industry experience. My many accomplishments as an engineer include the areas of production, process, design, testing, operations management, laboratory establishment, and more. I have worked directly in the factory location and also in a centralized engineering setting, serving industries that have ranged from large-scale, mass-production operations, to small-scale, hand-build operations.

With a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University, I first worked for GE Plastics as a production and process engineer in plant chemical operations in varying locations. I then joined Delphi Automotive Systems as a lead-acid battery product engineer serving European OEMs. I promoted to Battery Design Group Manager leading a team of 20+ designers providing solid models and drawings to the product engineering team . After Delphi, I joined Altairnano, Inc. as a test engineer where I established the first formal test department and electrical testing laboratory for large-scale industrial lithium batteries.

One of the common threads held in all my roles is a focus on quality – a high quality product or service, produced or provided in a safe and timely manner. My focus here at Avari Reef Labs is the same – developing a safe, efficient process that leads to a high-quality product that our customers value. I am implementing procedures that focus on minimization of contaminants at every step of our process and product quality checks at various stages as well. (To learn more about our process, please see the “Our Process” page under About Us on our home page.)

Not only do I bring the diversity of experience needed to develop and conduct an efficient laboratory operation, I also bring a great deal of passion to this role as my first experience with business partnership and development from the ground level. I understand that every decision and effort that I make greatly impacts the success of our business. I always look forward to my day at Avari Reef Labs knowing that I will have a true hand in bringing a high-quality, value-added product to our customers!